About US
Why Asia Wealth

We have a full range of financial service, including

  • Securities and Derivatives Trading
  • Stock Borrowing and Lending (SBL)
  • Online Stock Trading
  • Research Reports
  • Investment Advisory and Wealth Management
  • Selling Agent of Mutual Funds
  • Investment Banking and Financial Advisory
  • Private Fund Management

Each of our management team possesses more than 20 years of experience and proven track records in the Thai capital market.


Our professional marketing team is ready to use their extensive experience and knowledge in making investment good experience for our customers and investors.



We offer a full-line of investment products that matches the needs of investors in their entire economic lifecycle and lifestyle.


We have invested in the world’s latest and widely-accepted technology for the sake of convenience and confidence of our customers and investors.


We emphasize creativity and innovation in new financial products to provide our customers and investors with investment alternatives and appropriate returns.